Alicia Hayes




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Alicia Hayes is a Writer/Director/Producer and Editor.  She is an autodidact in all areas of creativity that span the mediums of voice-over, music composition, acting, singing, photography, makeup, painting and film production.  Earlier in her career she was a radio personality hosting shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas.  She later went on to enjoy a successful career in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist.  Hayes worked and collaborated with three time Emmy winning Costume Designer; Birgit Muller of CBS's 'The Bold & the Beautiful' as a graphic designer, wardrobe stylist and supervisor for over 15 years.

In 2009 the idea of a patriotic pageant/reality show was born.  She developed the concept of MISS LIBERTY AMERICA to full maturity for launch.  In 2010; Hayes went on to make national news with Miss Liberty America™ on MSN's Today Show, Politico, The Week, Mediaite and many others.  However; the timing, finances and the nations political climate made it difficult.  Alicia is determined and continues to forge ahead with Promoting Liberty & the American Way!

2011 Hayes self published two books;  "Vero"--a book of poetry and her book simply titled "Alicia Hayes"--featuring her paintings.   In 2013 Hayes had an exclusive exhibit with the renowned Regis Gallerie at the Venetian, Las Vegas.  Alicia has produced paintings for Larry King, Howard Hewett and Jack Nicholson.

Alicia Hayes established VERO 8 PICTURES production company in 2015.  Vero 8 is a production company creating dramatic and documentary films.  Collectively her films have garnered 5 wins and 7 nominations  for 'Best Short Film.  Her latest short dramatic films "LIVING COLORS" and "LA FERA" are currently available on Amazon Prime.

"Freedom has a price and the only accepted currency is human life."

Zoe Sozo Bethel


Executive Producer/Brand Ambassador


Miss Liberty America™ is proud and honored to have Zoe Bethel serve as Executive producer and Brand Ambassador for the MLA™ organization.  Her determination, patriotism, and passion for America makes her ideal to serve in these positions.   She is a reporter for Right Side Broadcasting Network and a brand ambassador for Turning Point USA.  She enjoys traveling, playing guitar, and spending time at the shooting range.  At a tender young age she was taught to stand up for the truth and never be apologetic about her faith or moral convictions.


Zoe is also a former Model who was released from a national modeling agency due to her political and moral beliefs.  This precipitous incident provided her a unique opportunity to motivate others to remain steadfast with their convictions.  Zoe serves as a meritorious role model/advocate for free speech and self expression.  Her  goal is to be an inspiration to American youth with her platform of empowerment reminding others;  free speech is a fundamental American right and is protected by the United States Constitution.


Zoe is a proud Mother, Christian and American patriot.  She will continue to Promote Liberty & the American Way™ no matter where she goes!