Miss Liberty America™ is a competition that rewards American Exceptionalism and high moral standards.  We will only consider the most dynamic women to compete.  To become a candidate, you must display your best possible performance regarding all requirements.  Your information on all qualifying  factors combine to create your overall competitive edge among prospective delegates.  Below are the minimum requirements for potential candidacy.



A United States citizen (dual citizenship prohibited)

Must be a registered voter

Speak, write, read the English language fluently

Naturally born female

CPR certified

Demonstrate proficiency in the handling, safety and use of firearms

Meet the character criteria set forth by  the Miss Liberty America™ organization

Minimum GPA 3.5 out of a 4.0 (no exceptions)

Submit to a criminal background check

NEVER have been convicted of a any felony or misdemeanor drug charges

NEVER have posed nude in ANY recorded medium

NEVER have given birth to a child, cannot be pregnant or be a parent

Can not be married, must NEVER have been married

NEVER have had a marriage annulled.

Physically fit and have a sound mental health to meet the job requirements





Must know the U.S. Constitution & The Declaration of Independence

Must demonstrate the handling, safety and use of firearms

Must possess a talent

There is ample time to educate yourself on CPR, the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the handling, safety and use of firearms. Start preparing now for the event of a lifetime.  Below are some helpful links from the CATO INSTITUTE to help you get started on your exciting journey!


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