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Zoe Sozo Bethel

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Zoe Bethel was the symbol of American Elegance which is the combination of many virtuous qualities such as integrity, grace, class, humility, wisdom, patience, kindness, passion, loyalty, strength, courage, and beauty.  She had all of these qualities and more.  The room lit up when Zoe entered. She had a very special spirit that few could rival.  Zoe was chosen by many and most of all chosen by God.
Zoe is now with her King...Jesus!  Those who knew her will miss her dearly for she was the light in so many people's world. She lit up a room and her charisma was infectious.  Zoe touched the hearts of many people and was involved in several organizations. She was the current Miss Alabama (for America Strong), a spokesmodel, a political commentator for RSBN, a Brand Ambassador for Turning Point USA, and Liberty University's Falkirk Center.  She was a spokeswoman for Students for Life and affiliated with Project Veritas.  She was also the Executive Producer and Ambassador for Miss Liberty America.  

Zoe had a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and she was dedicated to protecting life, promoting Liberty, Freedom and the American Way.  She cared deeply for others and was selfless in everything she did.  Zoe leaves behind a 5 year old daughter. Zoe's family have set up a GoFundMe page to help cover medical and funeral expenses along with educational assistance for her daughter.  The video below was made in loving memory of my dear friend, may you rest in peace my booboo.  I love you so very much.  You are missed. ~ah!
Zoe Bethel Award

"The Zoe Bethel Award"

Award of distinction given to the woman who possesses all of the qualities of American Elegance.  

$50,000 cash award.

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