To Promote Liberty and the American Way™!  Miss Liberty America will  restore America one woman at a time! 


Candidates will compete weekly in various challenges for a prize package worth over $1,000,000. in cash and merchandise.

The show will raise money for our Military veterans and their families, entertain our troops  and educate our youth on their 'Constitutional Rights'. 


Miss Liberty America™ is an exciting high concept reality television show dedicated to discovering America's most beautiful, educated, and talented patriots.  It will transcend all others in its patriotism, diversity, reputations and prizes.  The show's venue is yet to be determined.  We unite with the common threads  of Liberty, Freedom, and the U.S. Constitution which creates the colorful and dynamic fabric of the United States of America.

The founder and creator Alicia Hayes was inspired to establish this organization because close to 80% of Americans don't know or understand their basic Constitutional Rights.   Unfortunately; it seems that the Constitution and traditional American values are under attack and are now considered extreme by some and outdated by others.  The foundation  of Miss Liberty America™ promotes the preservation of liberties, freedom and the Republic.

Miss Liberty America™ is a beacon of hope to our youth that self-governance, freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not just a dream, but a reality for us all.  The spirit of entrepreneurship, personal responsibility and self -discipline built our glorious nation and the ONLY thing that will make her great again!  We will provide personal and professional opportunities for young women to express their patriotism, talents, viewpoints, and accomplishments.  We will exploit the power of the feminine patriot, educate, challenge and inspire a nation, bringing forth a fresh and modern approach to the feminine ideal in America. MLA™ works consistently to re-brand American values with our slogans Promoting Liberty & the American Way™, "Defend life and save one." We combine American ideals with individual achievement, enhance each individuals understanding of the importance of sound moral character, good leadership and encourage self-reflection and personal action. 

Qualifying contestants will be judged on hometown visits, personal interviews, fitness, beauty, talent, weekly challenges, knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, CPR, and Marksmanship.  Miss Liberty America™ breaks the stereotypes of current beauty queens by being the first in history to introduce competency in CPR and the handling, safety and use of firearms.  We will require all contestants to embrace the U.S. Constitution, and social platforms that champion civic duty, fund raising, Military Veterans and organizations dedicated to preserving American civil rights and liberties.  Due to the lack of morals and the insatiable appetites for iniquitous behaviors in our society in seems futile to find that special woman.  We believe in the individual and American exceptionalism and it is for this very reason that the title, and prizes awarded are so substantial.  We expect only the very best from our young women and we look forward to finding the inaugural Miss Liberty America. 

This entertainment venture is only possible with your help.  We are currently seeking a national media sponsor and investors to help us launch the show of a lifetime.  America needs this show more than ever and together we can achieve anything.  Help us Promote Liberty and  the American Way™!

MISS LIBERTY AMERICA™ is currently seeking to become a recognized 501(c)3 Non-profit organization. 


Become an Official Sponsor today and help launch the show of a lifetime!  America is waiting.


This video is a visual sample of great things to come on the show.  The video promo serves as a celebration of patriotic women, Liberty, Freedom and our beloved American Military for their unyielding service and sacrifice to our great nation.  We hope it inspires you to Promote Liberty and the American Way™ in your daily life.


Restoring America one woman at a time.